Stabia Aluminium began his career in the commercial sector of the aluminum in the early '80s, with the experience more than twenty years, matured in the craft sector by its founder Mr. Cascone Tullio able now to gain a prominent place in the market in central and southern Italian.
Fundamental and characterizing, at the outset, was to safeguard the quality of the first products, bringing the creation, in 2001, the system aluminum - wood "ELIOSWOOD" designed and built completely inside the ' company, with the collaboration of leading national and international companies, with regard to aluminum extrusion, the die of the wooden profiles and the composition of the hardware perimeter, making sure that this system is today the most complete and reliable in its sector.
In mid-2014, the Stabia Aluminum has implemented its own production with the new PVC-Wood, also designed and built in-house with the help of national and international partnerships.

The new PVC-Wood plans to series of windows and balconies, hardware SIEGENIA with basic security features and up to a class of burglary WK2 (CR 2).
The window ELIOSWOOD the union of two materials historically used for the construction of window frames.
The window ELIOSWOOD, in its systems Aluminum-Wood and PVC-Wood, expresses perfect combination of natural wood, pvc and adaptability of the stability of aluminum. Specifically, the wood used in the interior of the frame, enriches the environment with their beauty by offering the possibility to combine the wide range of woods and colors, creating harmony with the furniture in your home.
The PVC and aluminum, used in the outer side of the guarantee a high level of comfort thanks to the absence of maintenance increasing, at the same time, unparalleled thermal and acoustic performance
All these noble materials creates a high-quality product meeting the demands that market and climatic zones require.