Stabia Aluminum srl it uses, for their achievements and productions, of highly-edge acts to compliance with the requirements of the European Community in the field of standards and environment.

Technical Specifications -  Elios Wood Systems

Stabia Aluminum srl it uses, for their achievements and productions, of highly-edge acts to compliance with the requirements of the European Community in the field of standards and environment.

The entire product range of Stabia Aluminium possesses all requirements needed to meet the regulations, and have been certified by the testing institutes PFB Prüfzentrum BAUELEMENTE FÜR, D-83071 and ISTEDIL Rome.

In the regulatory environment, the EC label of the frame (applicable on the window, on the packaging, or as a sheet accompanying) gives details of the producer and the performance characteristics of the product, according to EN 14351-1 and therefore confirms that the finished product meets specific requirements and provides certain performance claims.

The CE marking applies to windows and doors, whether external or internal, according to EN 14351-1: 2010 * "Windows and external pedestrian, without resistance to fire and / or smoke leakage". The CE marking is a declaration of compliance with the minimum performance declared by the manufacturer of the frame.

A window is CE marked:

• complies with EEC Directive 89/106 on construction products (CPD) and its Guidance Paper M

• complying with the product standard EN 14351-1: 2010.

1. Characteristics of materials

a. Aluminium:

Using profiles in aluminum alloy AA 6060 UNI, as supplied Tempera T5. Polyamide 6.6, based on drawings and forms designed and developed within the company.

b. Wood:

Use of shaped solid wood of first choice in American oak, on the basis of designs and shapes conceived and designed within the company, with coating process solvent spray applied and diluted with acetone. In detail, the first layer is transparent polyurethane bottom, formulated in a specific manner for spray applications and characterized by excellent verticality, to prevent sagging side, excellent adhesion and high filling, mixed with thinner catalysed at 50%.

The sanding of wooden profiles is made by abrasive belts in order to optimally fill the pores of the wood itself and arrange the material to the ideal adhesion for the application of matt finish. The rear part of the profiles is protected with appropriate antibacterial products. The finish used is transparent and opaque polyurethane, spray applied and

with good drying speed, hardness and surface softness. The same finish is catalyzed to 50% and contains pigments yellowing resistant to light. The opacity classical varies, generally, between 30 and 40 Gloss gloss. All wood profiles are provided with custom logo and company identification mark, in order to perfect traceability and origin of the same product.

c. Thermal break:

At the end of the interruption of the thermal bridge are inserted between the two half profiles, of polyamide bars with 25% of glass fibers, blocked pressure with the rollers by means of coupling teeth knurled. These latter block the finger pressure in order to give greater assurance to longitudinal slip. Interrupting, so, the union between the external and internal parts, you will get the thermal break profiles.

d. Surface treatments:

The profiles are treated, on the surfaces in sight, with a procedure of electrocolouring according to the directives Qualanod for anodising and Qualicoat for painting. The polyamide is resistant up to a temperature of 180 ° for ca 15 minutes, without losing its mechanical characteristics.

and. Accessories and gaskets:

Use of exclusive elements made for Stabia Aluminum, and application of standard models of the best brands available on the market, in order to ensure functionality and reliability in time, in the specific Monticelli and Medall for accessory parts, and PRICAL for the seals.

f. Hardware:

The frames of Stabia Aluminium are equipped with hardware Siegenia system "Titan AF" with security against false maneuver in the open position and hinged flap, with the pawls in fungus self-regulating, scissors, angular movements, hinges and window handles, and have various equipments series such as tilt, rod lever for secondary leaf, multipoint locks, hinges with capacity 120 kg. Our systems provide for also having a burglary class WK2 (RC2) with mushroom pawl opposing self, well, remarkable resistance to unhinging . Specifically, the pawl self, does not need adjustment, automatically it adjusts air profile (± 2 mm), has great smoothness thanks to the hardening of the material and the special coating, compatibility with standard clashes or burglary, according to all requirements of AhS, EN-V 1627-30 and CR (strength class) 2.

g. Seals:

The seals to air and water are obtained by means of a central seal in EPDM, while, that on the glass, is obtained with EPDM gaskets designed for the obtaining of the proper elasticity in the joints.

h. Glasses:

The Stabia Aluminium install fixtures on its standard double-glazed low-emissivity Planibel the AGC comprises: glass exterior 33.1 mm; space aboard hot 20SW mm with Argon gas; 33.1 mm inner glass PLANITHERM ULTRA N.

i. Construction features:

Thermal insulation aluminum frame: Group 3 - DIN 4108 Class window: Group 2.2 DIN 4108.

Thermal insulation with polyamide frame: Group 2.2 DIN 4108.

Mounting frame wood on aluminum frame: using plugs insulating and drawings dovetail in order to accommodate the elasticity of the same wood and not compromising the structure of the aluminum.